Advanced Urban Green Infrastructure Planning and Implementation - Innovative Approaches and Strategies from European Cities: Deliverable 5.2. Technical Report of the Green Surge Project

Rieke Hansen, Rolf Werner, Artur Santos, Ana Luz, Luca Száraz, Iván Tosics, Kati Hannele Vierikko, Emily Rall, Clive Davies, Stephan Pauleit

    Forskningsoutput: Bok/rapportBeställd rapport


    The report considers innovative strategies and approaches for UGI planning according to eight different themes as described in Chapter 2. These include four main UGI planning principles – green-grey integration, connectivity, multifunctionality, and social inclusion – as well as four selected important policy challenges that can be addressed by UGI planning – biodiversity protec-tion, climate change adaptation, promotion of the green economy, and social cohesion.

    Building on prior work in 20 different European cities (Davies et al. 2015), 14 case studies from 10 cities were studied in-depth. Each case represents a strategy linked to a process of usually government-led green space planning such as development and implementation of a green space plan, biodiversity strategy, or an urban development project. The cases included different scales such as a regional network in Milan (Italy), city-wide strategies to protect and/or develop urban green spaces in Berlin (Germany), Edinburgh (UK) or Helsinki (Finland), strategies for biodiversi-ty protection and climate change adaptation in Lisbon and Almada (both Portugal), UGI solutions at the local/ district level such as urban renewal in Aarhus (Denmark) and Szeged (Hungary), a temporary green space in Ljubljana (Slovenia), strategies for open stormwater management in Malmö (Sweden).
    FörlagGreen surge
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    StatusPublicerad - 31 mar 2016
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