After "hybrid warfare", what next? Understanding and responding to contemporary Russia

Bettina Renz (Redaktör), Hanna Smith (Redaktör)

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    The report "After the hybrid warfare: - what next", stresses that there is no simple characterisation or a single concept, such as "hybrid warfare", which is sufficient on its own to evaluate Russia's foreign, security and defense policies. Instead, each of Russia's strengths and weaknesses should be analyzed separately. The researchers analyse a number of topics such as the effectiveness of propaganda (information war), Russia’s approach to building up its own self-image as a great power, how Russia combines displays of military power with the actual use of the military in its foreign policy, what improvements there have been in Russia's ability to coordinate war operations in the 2000s , the long-term effects of the inefficient use of the Russian military budget, as well as the effectiveness of deterrence and the importance of preventative action in the light of Russia's recent military activities.
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    StatusPublicerad - 2016
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    NamnValtioneuvoston selvitys- ja tutkimustoiminnan julkaisusarja
    FörlagValtioneuvoston kanslia
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