Brexit and the Political Economy of Fragmentation: Things Fall Apart

Jamie Morgan (Redaktör), Heikki Olavi Patomäki (Redaktör)

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Brexit means Brexit and other meaningless mantras have simply confirmed that confusion and uncertainty have dominated the early stages of this era defining event. Though there has been a lack of coherent and substantive policy goals from the UK government, this does not prevent analysis of the various causes of Brexit and the likely constraints on and consequences of the various forms Brexit might take. Is Brexit a last gasp of neoliberalism in decline? Is it a signal of the demise of the EU? Is it possible that the UK electorate will get what they thought they voted for (and what was that)? Will a populist agenda run foul of economic and political reality? What chance for the UK of a brave new world of bespoke trade treaties straddling a post-geography world? Is the UK set to become a Singapore-lite tax haven? What is the difference between a UK-centric and a UK-centred point of view on Brexit? Will Brexit augment disintegrative tendencies in the European and world economy? These are some of the questions explored in this timely set of essays penned by some of the best known names in political economy and international political economy. The chapters in this book originally published as a special issue in Globalizations.
FörlagRoutledge - Taylor & Francis Group
Antal sidor142
ISBN (tryckt)9781138576049
StatusPublicerad - 23 nov 2017
MoE-publikationstypC2 Redigerade böcker


NamnRethinking Globalizations


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Morgan, J., & Patomäki, H. O. (Red.) (2017). Brexit and the Political Economy of Fragmentation: Things Fall Apart. (Rethinking Globalizations). London: Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group.