Can we have a Conversation about the association between Food Preferences and Work Environment? An outlook at the Viikki campus

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A survey, done at Vikkii campus at the University of Helsinki, claim 17 % would be ‘willing to’ change to a vegan diet. That's 323 people in the workforce. ICAN survey shows that 95 % of the population choose food based on taste and prize. 4 % ask for local and/or organic. 1 % demand things like a vegan diet. How can the prevalence of willingness to change to a vegan diet be 17 times higher at Vikkii campus compared to the general population? The human mind is constructive and sensitive to framing. People who demand a vegetarian or vegan diet score high on neuroticism, and are searching for a social identity: collapse anxiety. This seem to a workplace problem that needs to be sorted out by the management.
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StatusPublicerad - 27 sep 2019
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