Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan for the Taita Hills 2015-2019

Emmah Owidi (Redaktör), Tino Petri Johansson (Redaktör), Sarah Ndonye (Redaktör)

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Designing adaptation strategies is crucial to enable communities adapt to climate change impacts. Under its component titled “Elaboration of Adaptation Strategies”, the CHIESA Project aimed to build the capacities of local communities and institutions in the Taita Hills to identify existing climate-induced problems and vulnerabilities, plan responses and implementation
strategies to enhance their resilience and help them adapt to the current and projected impacts of climate variability and change in the area. To contribute to this aim, the project facilitated the development of a Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan by engaging local stakeholders in identifying priority adaptation options to be implemented in the area.
FörlagMinistry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Antal sidor44
StatusPublicerad - 1 okt 2015
MoE-publikationstypD4 Publicerad utvecklings- eller forskningsrapport eller studie


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