Condition-based use of antimicrobials in cats in Finland: results from two surveys

Katariina Thomson, Merja Rantala, Teija K Viita-Aho, Outi Vainio, Liisa Kaartinen

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review


Two surveys were carried out to investigate how antimicrobials are used in cats in Finland. Information was retrieved from 419 prescriptions and 311 questionnaire sheets concerning antimicrobial treatment for feline patients. Infected wounds, skin disorders and urinary tract infections were the most common reasons for antimicrobial treatment in cats. Compliance with prudent use guidelines was good. beta-Lactams such as amoxycillin and amoxycillin with clavulanic acid were frequently used. Fluoroquinolones were used judiciously. The median length of treatment was 10 days for most conditions. Diagnosis was mainly based on clinical signs, and bacteriological culture and sensitivity testing was rarely performed. This study provides basic descriptive information on how antimicrobials are used in cats and that could help when revising guidelines for the condition-based use of antimicrobials in animals. (C) 2008 Published by Elsevier Ltd on behalf of ESFM and AAFP.
TidskriftJournal of Feline Medicine and Surgery
Sidor (från-till)462-466
Antal sidor5
StatusPublicerad - 2009
MoE-publikationstypA1 Tidskriftsartikel-refererad


  • 413 Veterinärvetenskap

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