Digitaalisten työvälineiden käyttö sovittelun laadun tukena

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This report examines the digitalisation of mediation, the current state of mediation technologies and their possibilities and limitations in Finland and eight reference countries. The report implements the objective of developing the administration of justice and digital services based on research and with respect for the rule of law. The aim of the study was to find ways to utilise different technologies in mediation and to chart what kind of legal and administrative risks are associated with the different alternatives based on experiences gained from the use of the technologies.

The material studied consists of eight expert interviews, official reports, news sources and scientific articles. The study shows that the use of digital tools in mediation is, as a rule, rather limited, even though the COVID pandemic temporarily increased the use of remote connections in mediation sessions. Challenges in developing the digital mediation procedures include the difficulty of reforming the established procedures and the limited number of studies and experiences related to the topic. The report recommends that digitalisation be promoted as part of the broader development of mediation and its structures. High quality, not economic efficiency, should be the primary goal. The parties' right to self-determination, experiences of fairness, and user-friendliness should be the guiding principles for developing the digitalisation of mediation.
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StatusPublicerad - 22 juni 2023
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NamnOikeusministeriön julkaisuja, Selvityksiä ja ohjeita
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