Do chronic obstructive lung diseases increase long-term mortality in Helsinki area - An Epilung study

Juuso Jalasto, Paula Kauppi, Ritva Luukkonen, Ari Lindqvist, Arnulf Langhammer, Hannu Kankaanranta, Helena Backman, Eva Ronmark, Bo Lundback, Anssi Sovijärvi, Päivi Piirilä

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragMötesabstraktPeer review


Introduction: COPD and asthma are common chronic obstructive lung diseases. COPD has been shown to carry a higher risk of mortality, but for asthma the results have been more uncertain. The co-existence of both has been less studied, and the results have been contradictory.

Aims and objectives: The aim of this prospective follow-up study was to compare overall mortality and respiratory disease-specific mortality, respectively, between individuals with asthma, COPD or co-existing asthma and COPD (ACO).

Methods: The study included the cohort from the FinEsS Helsinki postal questionnaire study from 1996 with 6062 (76% of invited) participants. This group was followed for 23 years, and mortality data was received from the Finnish Population Information System. With the use of self-reported physician diagnosed asthma and COPD results, the following groups were created; ACO, COPD alone, asthma alone and no diagnosis. The risk of mortality (hazard ratio) in these groups was analyzed by using non-smokers without any chronic lung disease diagnose as reference.

Results: In the analyses, COPD alone showed an increased risk, (HR4.60, 95%CI 1.06-20.0) for respiratory disease-specific mortality. Asthma alone was associated with a non-significant increase of respiratory disease-specific mortality (HR3.84, 95%CI 0.92-16.0). ACO was associated with an increased risk of overall mortality (HR1.64, 95% 1.04-2.59) and respiratory disease-specific mortality (HR18.8, 95%CI 4.73-75.1).

Conclusions: ACO had the highest mortality and could be used to identify those with worst long-term prognosis. Medical and preventive attempts should be directed to the group with co-existing asthma and COPD diseases.
TidskriftEuropean Respiratory Journal
StatusPublicerad - 25 nov. 2021
MoE-publikationstypEj behörig

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