FinnWordNet - WordNet på finska via översättning

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    FinnWordNet is a WordNet for Finnish that conforms to the framework given in Fellbaum (1998) and Vossen (ed.) (1998). FinnWordNet is open source and currently contains 117,000 synsets. A classic WordNet consists of synsets, or sets of partial synonyms whose shared meaning is described and exemplified by a gloss, a common part of speech and a hyperonym. Synsets in a WordNet are arranged in hierarchical partial orderings according to semantic relations like hyponymy/hyperonymy. Together the gloss, part of speech and hyperonym fix the meaning of a word and constrain the possible translations of a word in a given synset. The Finnish group has opted for translating Princeton WordNet 3.0 synsets wholesale into Finnish by professional translators, because the translation process can be controlled with regard to quality, coverage, cost and speed of translation. The project was financed by FIN-CLARIN at the University of Helsinki. According to our preliminary evaluation, the translation process was diligent and the quality is on a par with the original Princeton WordNet.
    Bidragets översatta titelFinnWordNet - Finnish WordNet by Translation
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    StatusPublicerad - nov. 2010
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