From Data Literacy to Co-design Environmental Monitoring Innovations and Civic Action

Ari Happonen, Annika Wolff, Victoria Palacin

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SENSEI is an environmental monitoring initiative run by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT University) and the municipality of Lappeenranta in south-east Finland. The aim was to collaboratively innovate and co-design, develop and deploy civic technologies with local civics to monitor positive and negative issues. These are planned to improve local’s participation to social governance issues in hand. These issues can be e.g. waste related matters like illegal dumping of waste, small vandalism into city properties, alien plant species, but on the other hand nice places to visits too. This publication presents initiatives data literacy facet overview, which is aimed at creating equitable access to information from open data, which in turn is hoped for to increase participants motivation and entrepreneurship like attitude to work with the municipals and the system. This is done by curating environmental datasets to allow participatory sensemaking via exploration, games and reflection, allowing citizens to combine their collective knowledge about the town with the often-complex data. The ultimate aim of this data literacy process is to enhance collective civic actions for the good of the environment, to reduce the resource burden in the municipality level and help citizens to be part of sustainability and environmental monitoring innovation activities. For further research, we suggest follow up studies to consider on similar activities e.g. in specific age groups and to do comparisons on working with different stage holders to pin point most appropriate methods for any specific focus group towards collaborative innovation and co-design of civic technologies deployment.

Titel på värdpublikationProceeding of 2021 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Applications, WCNA 2021
RedaktörerZhihong Qian, M.A. Jabbar, Xiaolong Li
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StatusPublicerad - 2022
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EvenemangInternational Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Applications, WCNA 2021 - Virtual, Online
Varaktighet: 17 dec. 202119 dec. 2021


NamnLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Volym942 LNEE
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