From Function-Based Development Practices to Collaborative Capability Building: An Intervention to Extend Practitioners' Ideas

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    Distinctive and difficult-to-imitate capabilities have been recognized as the key source of firms' competitive advantage and have gained much attention in recent years. This line of the research is still, however, relatively young. Researchers have mainly tried to categorize and illustrate types of capabilities, and to show how capabilities change over time. Little attention has been paid to systematic and intentional development of capabilities or to the practitioners' active contribution to capability building.

    This chapter introduces a developmental intervention conducted at a Finnish road building company as an endeavor to purposefully create a new understanding of the nature of capabilities, and to develop new collaborative capability building practices between functional specialists, such as HRD practitioners and systems developers. The goal was to critically evaluate the current system of capability building, to break away from the traditional function-based division of work between specialists in development activities, and to find a more systemic and concurrent form of capability building.

    The analysis presented in the chapter is based on Cultural Historical Activity Theory and dialectical approach, which provide an alternative way to conceptualize capabilities, not as aggregates of externally linked elements, but as evolving activity systems.
    Bidragets titel på inmatningsspråkToiminnoittaisesta kehittämisestä kyvykkyyksien yhteiskehittelyyn: Käytännön toimijoiden näkökulmia laajentava interventio
    Titel på gästpublikationSupporting Workplace Learning : Towards Evidence-based Practice
    RedaktörerRob F. Poell, Marianne van Woerkom
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    ISBN (tryckt)978-90-481-9108-6
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    StatusPublicerad - 2011
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    NamnProfessional and Practice-based Learning
    Volymvol. 5
    ISSN (tryckt)2210-5549
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