Implementing Inquiry beyond the School: Disseminating inquiry-based science and mathematics education in Europe: Companion resources for implementing inquiry in science and mathematics at school

Hannu Salmi (Redaktör), Veera Kallunki (Redaktör), Arja Kaasinen (Redaktör)

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    To advance public engagement of science, new forms of education are actively being sought. Although informal learning has often been regarded as the opposite of formal education, a huge amount of knowledge and skills are obtained in a personal way from several open learning environments. Out-of-school education programmes are clearly bridging the gap between formal education and informal learning by renewing the educational systems.

    The objective is to utilise the key elements of curricula in different countries to teach the scientific research process based on learning in science centres and teaching at school. Pedagogical hands-on methods, originally developed in science centres and out-door education contexts have now been adopted, converted and moved into formal education via effective teacher education and professional development.

    Teachers are the key players in the renewal of any education. This booklet offers the evidence-based practices related to informal learning environments in Europe. The focus is not only on cognitive learning, but on the wider scope of public understanding of science.
    FörlagThe Fibonacci Project
    Antal sidor42
    ISBN (tryckt)978-952-10-8519-2
    ISBN (elektroniskt)978-952-10-8520-8
    StatusPublicerad - 2012
    MoE-publikationstypC2 Redigerade böcker


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