Introduction: Renaissance and early modern travel – practice and experience, 1500–1700: Theme issue of a journal

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The collection originates from a symposium I organized together with Anu Raunio and Sasha Grigorieva at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies on 15–16 October, 2015, entitled Early Modern Journeys: Practices and Everyday Experiences of Travel, 1450–1800. I would like to acknowledge the financial and administrative support from the then staff members of the HCAS, without whom this issue would not have been possible. In addition, I would like to thank Jennifer Richards, Jill Burke, the anonymous referees, all the contributors and Professor Nandini Das for their helpful comments, advice and feedback. I also want to thank Richard Ansell, John Gallagher and Mark Williams for their help, comments and letting me read their work pre-publication.
TidskriftRenaissance Studies
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StatusPublicerad - 15 aug 2019
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