Kildin Saami

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This is the first thorough English language description of Kildin Saami and the first attempt to systematically describe the basic phonological, morphological and syntactic features of this language from the perspective of general comparative linguistics.
Kildin Saami is a critically endangered language of the Kola Peninsula in Northwest Russia with only about 100 active speakers. The original dialect areas have fragmented during the 20th century. Within the Saami group and Uralic in general, a remarkable feature of Kildin Saami is the high number of consonant phonemes. This is mostly due to the existence of palatalization as a distinct phonological feature. Kildin Saami has developed a very high degree of fusion in inflectional morphology, including the occurrence of several different kinds of nonlinear morphological marking. In verb inflection, there is a special form for impersonal passive. Adjectives are marked for attributive and predicative state and the language has split marking of plural, where numerals above six govern partitive case. Russian influence is found in essentially all components of Kildin Saami language structure, but is especially strong in discourse pragmatics.
The chapter includes a glossed text example and extensive references to earlier linguistic literature and other sources on Kildin Saami.
Titel på gästpublikationThe Oxford Guide to the Uralic languages
FörlagOxford University Press
Status!!E-pub ahead of print - 2020
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Rießler, M. (2020). Kildin Saami. I The Oxford Guide to the Uralic languages [13] Oxford University Press.