Kissing the Sacred Wound – Queering Seventeenth-Century French Nuns

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The paper looks at the devotional practices of 17th-century French nuns, namely the Ursuline sisters in the first half of the century. The paper is especially keen on analysing the practice of kissing the sores of the sick as metaphorical representations of the wounds of Christ. The paper asks, could these practices provide a medium for the expression of same-sex desire? The presentation builds on the hypothesis of Karma Lochrie who has looked at the practice and related imagery in the middle ages and suggested that the wounds could be interpreted as representations of the female genitals. The paper aims to bring into the discussion the aspect of continuity by means of analysing the phenomen in the early modern era.
StatusPublicerad - 6 apr 2018
EvenemangEuropean Social Science History Conference - Queens University, Belfast
Varaktighet: 4 apr 20187 apr 2018


KonferensEuropean Social Science History Conference
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Peake, R-M. (2018). Kissing the Sacred Wound – Queering Seventeenth-Century French Nuns. Abstract från European Social Science History Conference, Belfast, .