L'héritage intellectuel de Lanfranc revisité

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In the history of philosophy and theology, Lanfranc is known for his involvement in the Eucharistic controversy with Berengar of Tours, for his ideas on the method of theology and his role as Anselm's teacher. The crucial source of information for all these issues is the treatise De corpore et sanguine Domini that Lanfranc published ca. 1063. This paper advocates a radical reappraisal of Lanfranc's intellectual heritage on the basis of a new reading of De corpore. De corpore is a highly rhetorical treatise, and there is a very real possibility that the doctrinal and methodological ideas expressed in it were largely determined by rhetorical considerations and the contextual requirements of the debate. There is also the possibility that the attiribution of De corpore to Lanfranc was a rhetorical device or that al least he received substantial help in the writing of the treatise. If this hypothesis is correct, De corpore has only limited value as a source for Lanfranc's genuine views and we also have to reconsider Lanfranc's role in Anselm's intellectual formation.
Titel på gästpublikationAutour de Lanfranc (1010-2010) : Réforme et réformateurs dans l'Europe du Nord-Ouest (XIe-XIIe siècles)
RedaktörerJ. Barrow, F. Delivré, V. Gazeau
Antal sidor9
FörlagPresses universitaires de Caen
ISBN (tryckt)978-2-84133-521-3
StatusPublicerad - 2015
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  • 615 Historia och arkeologi
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  • 611 Filosofi

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Holopainen, T. J. (2015). L'héritage intellectuel de Lanfranc revisité. I J. Barrow, F. Delivré, & V. Gazeau (Red.), Autour de Lanfranc (1010-2010): Réforme et réformateurs dans l'Europe du Nord-Ouest (XIe-XIIe siècles) (s. 107-115). Caen: Presses universitaires de Caen.