Large-Scale Transposition as an Editorial Technique in the Textual History of the Hebrew Bible

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This article examines the editorial technique of large-scale transpositions through three case studies from the Hebrew Bible. There is documented evidence from various textual witnesses that Josh 8:30–35, 1 Kgs 22:41–51, and the oracles against the nations in Jeremiah have been transposed during the transmission of these books. Insights gained from these cases illuminate the use of this editorial technique. All three transpositions reflect theological motivations related to meanings attributed to certain places, events, people, and revered texts. Transpositions of large textual units were generally achieved by two scribal methods: swapping the order of two sequential textual units or relocating a textual unit to a new context. The latter procedure led to compensatory revisions both within and around the texts. The article also discusses the methodology of studying transpositions and their text-critical evaluation.
TidskriftTC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
StatusPublicerad - 2017
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