Max-Min Diversification with Fairness Constraints: Exact and Approximation Algorithms

Yanhao Wang, Michael Mathioudakis, Jia Li, Francesco Fabbri

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKonferensbidragVetenskapligPeer review


Diversity maximization aims to select a diverse and representative subset of items from a large dataset. It is a fundamental optimization task that finds applications in data summarization, feature selection, web search, recommender systems, and elsewhere. However, in a setting where data items are associated with different groups according to sensitive attributes like sex or race, it is possible that algorithmic solutions for this task, if left unchecked, will under- or over-represent some of the groups. Therefore, we are motivated to address the problem of \emph{max-min diversification with fairness constraints}, aiming to select k items to maximize the minimum distance between any pair of selected items while ensuring that the number of items selected from each group falls within predefined lower and upper bounds. In this work, we propose an exact algorithm based on integer linear programming that is suitable for small datasets as well as a (1−ε)/5-approximation algorithm for any ε∈(0,1) that scales to large datasets. Extensive experiments on real-world datasets demonstrate the superior performance of our proposed algorithms over existing ones.
Titel på värdpublikationSIAM nternational Conference on Data Mining (SDM23)
Status!!E-pub ahead of print - 5 jan. 2023
MoE-publikationstypA4 Artikel i en konferenspublikation

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