Moksha Mordvin

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This chapter is an overview of Moksha Mordvin. It contains a general typological profile and information on demographics, geography, and variation. The phonology of Moksha is examined in detail. The morphology section covers the properties of nominals (number, case, possession), verbs (tense, mood, aspect, person), and other parts of speech. The syntactic section includes information, for example, about basic clause types, possession, comparison, argument indexing and noun phrase flagging, negation, complex sentences (relative, complement, supporting), and questions. Each point is illustrated with authentic glossed, segmented, and translated examples from a corpus. The chapter also contains a section on word-formation and information about the lexicon. The chapter concludes with an annotated text sample and a list of references.
Titel på värdpublikationThe Uralic Languages
RedaktörerDaniel Abondolo, Riitta-Liisa Valijärvi
Antal sidor46
Utgivningsdatum31 mars 2023
Utgåva2nd Edition
ISBN (tryckt)9781138650848
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781315625096
StatusPublicerad - 31 mars 2023
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NamnRoutledge Language Family Series


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