Mylly - The Mill: A new platform for processing speech and text corpora easily and efficiently

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Speech and language researchers need to manage and analyze increasing quantities of material. Various tools are available for various stages of the work, but they often require the researcher to use different interfaces and to convert the output from each tool into suitable input for the next one.

The Language Bank of Finland (Kielipankki) is developing an on-line platform called Mylly for processing speech and language data in a graphical user interface that integrates different tools into a single workflow. Mylly provides tools and computational resources for processing material and for the inspecting the results. The tools plugged into Mylly include a parser, morphological analyzers, generic finite-state technology, and a speech recognizer. Users can upload data and download any intermediate results in the tool chain. Mylly runs on CSC’s Taito cluster and is an instance of the Chipster platform. Access rights to Mylly are given for academic use.

The Language Bank of Finland is a collection of corpora, tools and other services maintained by FIN-CLARIN, a consortium of Finnish universities and research organizations coordinated by the University of Helsinki. The technological infrastructure for the Language Bank of Finland is provided by CSC – IT Center for Science.
Titel på gästpublikationInterspeech 2017
Antal sidor2
FörlagInternational Speech Communications Association
StatusPublicerad - 2017
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EvenemangInterspeech 2017: Situated interaction - Stockholms universitet, Stockholm, Sverige
Varaktighet: 20 aug 201724 aug 2017


NamnProceedings of Interspeech
ISSN (elektroniskt)1990-9772


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FIN-CLARIN - Kielipankki

Linden, K., Piitulainen, J., Niemi, J., Lennes, M., Bartis, I., Westerlund, H., Drobac, S., Axelson, E. & Kauppinen, P.

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Lennes, M. E., Piitulainen, J. O., & Matthiesen, M. (2017). Mylly - The Mill: A new platform for processing speech and text corpora easily and efficiently. I Interspeech 2017 (s. 829-830). [2059] (Proceedings of Interspeech). International Speech Communications Association.