NKS ICP User 2017 Seminar Proceedings

Jixin Qiao, Szabolsc Osvath, Karl Andreas Jensen, Per Roos, Mats Eriksson, Marke Susanna Salminen-Paatero, Ilia Rodushkin, Petra Lagerkvist, Patric Lindahl

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The ICP User seminar was held at Risø, Denmark, during 25-27 September 2017. The seminar consisted of 2-day lectures given by six invited professionals and thirteen seminar participants, as well as 1-day lab training by invited expert. The lectures covered different topics including theoretical principles of ICP, methodology development and application of ICP techniques for different isotopes/isotopic ratios, recent development of new ICP technology and its application, etc. The results obtained from the inter-comparison exercise 2016 were presented and discussed. The lab training covered demonstration of the operation of ICP-MS, software and technical instructions. The seminar was attended by 51 individuals from 26 organisations.
UtgivningsortRoskilde, Denmark
FörlagNKS Secretariat
Antal sidor49
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-87-7893-495-6
StatusPublicerad - mars 2018
MoE-publikationstypD4 Publicerad utvecklings- eller forskningsrapport eller studie
EvenemangNKS‐B ICP User Seminar 2017 - DTU Riso Campus, Roskilde, Danmark
Varaktighet: 25 sep. 201727 sep. 2017


NamnNKS-B report series


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    Qiao, J., Salminen-Paatero, S., Lagerkvist, P., Vesterlund, A., Skipperud, L., Jensen, K. A., Roos, P., Lierhage, S., Lindahl, P., Eriksson, M., Rodushkin, I. & Engström, E.


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