On searchable Mordvin corpora at the Language Bank of Finland, EMERALD

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This paper provides a brief background to the development of searchable Erzya and Moksha corpora on the Fin-CLARIN/Language Bank of Finland Korp server1 with a special emphasis on Erzya-Moksha Electronic Resources2 And Language Diversity (EMERALD) [cf. Rueter 2020a] and the nature and structure of the Electronic Resource Moksha-Erzya (ERME3)4 and ERME version 25.
It points to important players in the development of searchable corpora for Mordvin languages as of 2024. It briefly introduces coexisting corpus materials featuring the Erzya and Moksha languages at the Language Bank of Finland [cf. Rueter and Partanen 2019]. It also provides an illustration of the metadata attributed to each piece in the ERME corpora as well as a description of the morphosyntactic annotation adopted in ERME.
Finally, it makes suggestions for future enhancement and extensions of ERME as well as its implications for other research corpora [cf. Rueter 2023].


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