Open government in the Nordics

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Open government is intended to ensure transparency, accountability and openness and involves fundamental issues such as press freedom, public disclosure and freedom of information legislation, all key aspects of the administration of Nordic states. These states were amongst the earliest to introduce lauded measures of open government, such as the ombudsman, and are successful in maintaining their tradition of open governance. However, they can still be criticised in some respects, such as, for closed, unrecorded parliamentary committees. Additionally, they, like other countries, have to navigate the balance between openness and protecting personal data, as well as dealing with the challenges of technology in today’s global information society.
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FörlagAarhus University
Utgivningsdatum27 feb 2019
StatusPublicerad - 27 feb 2019
MoE-publikationstypE1 Populärvetenskaplig artikel, dagstidnings-/nyhetsartikel


  • 5201 Politisk historia
  • 5142 Social- och samhällspolitik

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Elmgren, A. (2019). Open government in the Nordics. I Aarhus University.