Optimal configuration of the local Ostrobothnian seismic network OBF

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This study simulates automatic event detection and location performance of a micro-earthquake network centered around a site selected for a future power plant in Finland, Fennoscandian Shield. Simulation of the event location capability is based on a relationship derived between event magnitude and maximum detection distance. Azimuthal coverage and threshold magnitude are computed for different station configurations and the results are presented as contour maps. An optimal configuration of ten seismograph stations is proposed for further on-site survey
Titel på gästpublikationXXVI Geophysics Days
Antal sidor3
FörlagGeofysiikan seura
Utgivningsdatum21 maj 2013
StatusPublicerad - 21 maj 2013
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ISSN (tryckt)0358-2981
ISSN (elektroniskt)1798-2200


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