Pathologic and microscopic features

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Juvenile angiofibroma (JA) is a rare benign tumor, which almost exclusively affects adolescent males. JA is supposed to originate from the sphenopalatine foramen in the posterior wall of the nasal cavity. Although histologically benign, JA growth can be locally destructive. It grows as a polypoid mass and thus easily fills up and remodels nasal structures. Further, this phenomenon often makes its surgical treatment challenging. Histologically the tumor is composed of two elements: stroma with variable amount of cells and collagen and vascular component composed of differently sized and shaped vessels. Older lesions tend to be more collagenous and have less vascularity. The growth of the tumor is suggested to be provoked by testosterone stimulation during puberty in males. Only rare cases of transformation into malignancy have been reported. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2017.
Titel på gästpublikation Juvenile Angiofibroma
RedaktörerSiba P. Dubey, Bernhard Schick
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Utgivningsdatum1 jan 2017
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StatusPublicerad - 1 jan 2017
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