Perceived Social Support Network and Achievement: Mediation by Motivational Beliefs and Moderation by Gender

Emmanuel Adu-tutu Bofah, Markku S. Hannula

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review


Research has shown that perceived social support (PSS) (from parents and teachers) influences achievement. However, little is known about how this relationship operates. This study examines the multiple mediational effects of students’ motivational beliefs in relationship to the association between PSS and mathematics achievement. The sample included the African countries that participated in the TIMSS 2011 (Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia). A bootstrap analysis indicated a unique pattern of the role of motivational beliefs in mediating the relationships between PSS and achievement. Moreover, gender was found to moderate the indirect effect in some countries. The findings indicate that total mediation effect of students’ motivational belief on the relationship between PSS and achievement is “culture-fair but not culture-free”.
Titel på gästpublikationAffect and Mathematics Education : Fresh Perspectives on Motivation, Engagement, and Identity
RedaktörerMarkku S. Hannula, Gilah C. Leder, Francesca Morselli, Maike Vollstedt, Qiaoping Zhang
Antal sidor30
ISBN (tryckt)978-3-030-13760-1
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-3-030-13761-8
StatusPublicerad - 2019
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NamnICME-13 Monographs
ISSN (tryckt)2520-8322
ISSN (elektroniskt)2520-8330


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