Tohtorin tutkinto neljässä vuodessa: Geologian valtakunnallisen tohtoriohjelman ohjaustyöpajojen satoa

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New regulations in doctoral training in Finland
require that a PhD degree should be
completed within four years of the beginning
of a PhD project. The Doctoral Program in
Geology has organized two seminars for
doctoral students and their supervisors to map
out the best practices for realizing this goal
within the field of geosciences. One seminar
was organized in Tallinn (spring 2012) and
another one in Oulu (spring 2013) during the
annual Geological Colloquium (cf. Lehtonen
2013). The Doctoral Program in Geology
recommends that the scope of the PhD thesis
is re-evaluated and scaled so that it can be
finished in four years. In addition the supervision
processes need to be developed so that 1) a
written supervision agreement is implemented,
2) every doctoral student is assigned a
supervision group or a follow-up group in
addition to the official supervisor, 3) beginning
stages of the PhD project are emphasized in
the supervision process, and 4) more attention
is paid to the feasibility of the PhD project’s
research plan throughout the entire project.
Bidragets titel på inmatningsspråkPhD degree in four years: Results from the supervision workshops of the Finnish Doctoral Program in Geology
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StatusPublicerad - 31 maj 2013
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