Post-Soviet “Political”? “Social” and “Political” in the Work of Russian Socially Oriented CSOs

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    This article seeks to understand the role
    of civil society organizations (CSO) in contemporary
    Russian society. Rather than looking narrowly at
    advocacy groups, the investigation focuses on lessstudied
    socially oriented organizations, including more
    recently established CSOs as well as the so-called
    Soviet-type voluntary organizations, which have been
    almost completely neglected by Western scholarship
    on Russian civil society. In contrast to the argument
    that Russia’s socially oriented CSOs are apolitical – an
    argument often made in Western scholarship on Russian
    civil society – the research found that organizations from
    both categories – the old Soviet-type and the more recent
    post-Soviet – were engaged in both political advocacy
    work and service provision, although they were engaged
    in political and social action to varying extents.
    Sidor (från-till)199-224
    Antal sidor25
    StatusPublicerad - 2016
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