Preparation of N-​(alkanoyl)​-​7-​oxo-​6-​sulfooxy-​1,​6-​diazabicyclo[3.2.1]​octane-​2-​carbonylhydrazide derivatives and their use as antibacterial agents

Piyush Ambalal Patel, Patil, Vijaykumar Jagdishwar; Bhuniya, Rajib; Patel, Mahesh Vithalbhai .

Forskningsoutput: Patent


Disclosed are compds. of formula I, their prepn., and use in preventing or treating a bacterial infection. Compds. of I [wherein R is , (un)substituted heterocycloalkyl and (un)substituted aryl; X is H and substituted aminothiazolyl; n = 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4; M = H or cation] and stereoisomers, pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, are claimed and exemplified. Example compd. II.bul.TFA was prepd. by a multistep procedure (prepn. given). Candidate compds. of I were evaluated for antibacterial activity (data given). [on SciFinder(R)]
Utgivningsår21 dec 2017
StatusPublicerad - 21 dec 2017
Externt publiceradJa
MoE-publikationstypH1 Beviljat patent

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