Pigmenttien valmistus hydrolyysimenetelmällä

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    The opacity and brightness of the paper can be enhanced by fillers and deposition. Zinc oxide is a material with high refractive index and the property can be used in preparing paper of high brightness. In this work we introduce a hydrolysis method to modify calcium carbonate and magnesium aluminum silicate paper pigments by zinc oxide. The preparation of zinc oxide and paper pigments are introduced and the most important factors considering deposition and hydrolysis are presented. Precipitation of zinc oxide was made from aquatic solution by sodium hydroxide. The resulting pigments were studied with electron microscopy, thermogravimetry and X-ray diffraction. Experimental paper sheets were made and the properties of them measured. Results show that zinc oxide can be used to enhance the properties of calcium carbonate pigment but the results to deposit on the surface of magnesium aluminum silicate pigment were poor. In addition to the expected enhancement of the brightness, the tensile strength of the prepared paper sheets was enhanced.
    Bidragets översatta titelPreparation of paper pigments by hydrolysis method
    StatusPublicerad - maj 2008
    MoE-publikationstypG2 Masteruppsats, polyteknisk masteruppsats


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