Reading Cohesive Structures in Subtitled Films: A Pilot study

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The aim of this pilot study is to analyze on a small scale how comprehension takes place when watching a subtitled film, through a comparison of three informant groups viewing the same L2 film sequence in different subtitle conditions: L1, L2 and no subtitles. The idea is to grasp the combined impact of filmic cohesive structures and interlinguistic (L1) or intralinguistic (L2) subtitles on the comprehension process of the viewers. The description is made through a threefold qualitative analysis based on a test consisting of limited response items to a questionnaire, a multimodal analysis describing the actual on-screen sources of the information asked in the test and, though to a lesser extent, eye-tracking measures. The results of this pilot suggest that subtitles in L1 might be more effective for understanding narrative parts with weak multimodal cohesive structures, i.e., showing low text-image redundancy. On the contrary, in the case of strong narrative or multimodal cohesive structures (i.e., showing high redundancy between dialogue sentences or between utterance contents and image), intralinguistic L2 subtitles seem to lead to the same comprehension result levels as L1 subtitles.
Titel på gästpublikationSubtitling Today : Shapes and Their Meanings
RedaktörerElisa Perego, Silvia Bruti
Antal sidor24
UtgivningsortNewcastle upon Tyne
FörlagCambridge Scholars Publishing
Utgivningsdatum1 okt 2015
ISBN (tryckt)1-4438-8035-3, 978-1-4438-8035-0
StatusPublicerad - 1 okt 2015
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