Recent Problems of the Public

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At least since John Dewey’s The Public and Its Problems, pragmatism has offered the promise of a distinctive perspective in social and political philosophy, including a novel account of democracy and its prospects. In the past decades, a number of philosophers have advanced this pragmatist and Deweyan approach under the broad notion of deliberative democracy. However, deliberative democracy and the viability of its ideals have been challenged. This chapter concentrates on two such challenges: the question of whether contemporary communication technologies are detrimental to public participation in political decision-making and the issue of pluralism and diversity within such participation. It proposes ways in which these challenges can be met by the pragmatist vision of democracy if that vision is not identified with the deliberative account but, rather, distinguished from it as a form of experimental inquiry into societal policy.
Titel på gästpublikationPragmatism and Social Philosophy : Exploring a Stream of Ideas from America to Europe
RedaktörerMichael G. Festl
Antal sidor11
ISBN (tryckt)9780367486792
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781003044369
StatusPublicerad - 2021
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