REDI – The dimensions of addressing, preventing and countering violent radicalisation and extremism in education

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International discussion on educational institutions’ roles in preventing violent radicalisation
and extremism has for long been dominated by openings focused on how educational
institutions could detect and identify individuals who are at risk of, or have already
undergone, violent radicalisation. As a result, the big picture of the work carried out in
educational institutions has remained fragmented and incomplete in many areas. Little
or no attention has been paid to acknowledging and reflecting on educators’ personal
preconceptions and existing knowledge, in particular, as well as to how difficult discussion
topics, including those related to terrorism, can be dealt with in a pedagogically and ethically
appropriate manner in educational institution contexts.
Titel på gästpublikationBuilding resilience – in support of democracy education
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FörlagThe Finnish National Board of Education
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StatusPublicerad - 2020
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