Report for EU Parliament 2015: Innovative Schools: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Era: Workshop Documentation

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The digital revolution is transforming our work, our organisations and our
routines. It is transforming the way children and young people play, access
information, communicate with each other and learn. But, so far, this revolution
has not transformed most schools or most teaching and learning process in

There is no doubt that education has an important role to play in increasing the
European competitiveness and reducing unemployment, but what can policy
makers do to take full advantage of emerging technologies in education while
avoiding their downsides?

With the objective of shedding some light on how Europe is performing (within
the education field) in the "digital revolution" and to how strongly it is
embedded both in school curricula and in teachers' education, the CULT
Committee requested PolDep B to organise a workshop on "Innovative Schools -
teaching & learning in the digital era".

The present document is the compilation of the background papers and power
point presentations prepared for the workshop.
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StatusPublicerad - maj 2015
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