Sex, Love and a Better Future: Gendered Desire in the Narratives of Women from Post-socialist Countries in Italy and Finland

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This chapter examines the ways in which women who have migrated from post-socialist countries to Italy and Finland narrate their reasons for migrating. Drawing on two different ethnographic research projects conducted in two different settings, the chapter analyses how migration can be a strategy for escaping certain gender relations or an attempt to take full advantage of other configurations of them. We explore the different dimensions of desire by looking at the continuum from sex to love as ways to ensure a better future and how this continuum sits in the post-socialist gender orders and their renegotiation in these migratory contexts. Moreover, we argue that mainstream migration literature needs to reconsider the idea of the migrant as an economically rational individual by taking into account the importance of desire as a driver of migration and as a key force which shapes gendered migratory mobilities.
Titel på värdpublikationBorders of Desire: Gender and Sexuality at the Eastern Borders of Europe
RedaktörerElissa Helms, Tuija Pulkkinen
Antal sidor21
FörlagManchester University Press
Utgivningsdatumjuni 2023
ISBN (tryckt)978-1-5261-6521-3
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-1-5261-6520-6
StatusPublicerad - juni 2023
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NamnBreaking borders
FörlagManchester University Press


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