Signs of identity: The anatomy of belonging

Martin Ehala

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Identity issues have become increasingly controversial in the modern world, and our understanding of identity is a mess. The term is used by politicians, minority activists, scholars from many disciplines, writers and the general public. It is like the tale of the five blind men describing an elephant, only worse: the five men don't even talk to each other about their findings. Signs of Identity is a book project tsynthesizing the results of a wide range of disciplines into an original comprehensive theory of identity, and presents it in an essayistic style that helps everybody, from the educated layperson to the expert in a narrow sub-field, see identity from a wide perspective, how its parts interact and its role in human society. As the argument flows, a large number of real life examples, both current and historical, are provided to illustrate the workings of its different aspects. The main focus of the book is the critical dialogue with multiculturalism, drawing attention to the aspects of identity that the mainstream wisdom has tended to ignore. The book is likely to stimulate discussion about how identity matters should be addressed in society and in international relations.
Antal sidor170
ISBN (tryckt)9781138280946, 9781138280922
ISBN (elektroniskt) 9781315271439
StatusPublicerad - 1 aug 2017
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Ehala, M. (2017). Signs of identity: The anatomy of belonging. Routledge.