Social and Economic Life in Early Ptolemaic Egypt: The Potential of the Zenon Archive

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The Archive of Zenon, the largest surviving private archive from Ancient Egypt, contains rich information about the lives and affairs of various persons living in Egypt and beyond under Ptolemaios II Philadelphos and Ptolemaios III Euergetes. Since Zenon had a habit of carefully storing papyri that came into his hands, and his career changed several times in the period covered by the surviving sources (263- 229 BC), the documents shed welcome light on different geographical areas and systems that he, and many of his contemporaries, interacted with.

To better understand the significance of such systems and social dynamics, the author approaches the c. 1845 texts of the Zenon archive with conceptual and computational methods of Social Network Analysis (SNA) in an ongoing research project. This contribution introduces this project and reflects on the archive’s relevance for such research, with concrete examples of how SNA can assist Egyptologists in studying relational and attribute data revealed by ancient texts and on a large scale.

To study the c. 1850 documents that have been associated with this archive collectively, the author employs conceptual and computational methods of Social Network Analysis (SNA). In this paper, she presents her research project and shows how SNA can assist Egyptologists in studying socio-economic realities and behavioural patterns revealed by textual source on a large scale, with concrete examples drawn from the Zenon archive.
Titel på värdpublikationCurrent Research in Egyptology 2022 : Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Symposium, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, 26-30 September 2022
RedaktörerA. Bouhafs, L. Chapon, M. Claude, M. Danilova, L. Dautais, N. Fathy, A.I. Fernández Pichel, M. Guigner, M. Pinon, M. Valerio
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ISBN (elektroniskt)978-1-80327-584-0
StatusPublicerad - 2023
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EvenemangCurrent Research in Egyptology 2022 - Montpellier, Frankrike
Varaktighet: 26 sep. 202230 sep. 2022
Konferensnummer: 22


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