Technology as a research focus in chemistry education

Bidragets översatta titel: Teknik som forskningsfokus inom kemiutbildning

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragLedareVetenskaplig


The first issue of the collection introduces technology as a research focus in chemistry education. The definition of technology used in the collection is broad. For example, all information and communication technologies (ICT) is included, such as hardware, software, databases, etc. The topic is introduced by first getting acquainted with the chemistry education research (CER) as a field, and then placing the technology research in this broader CER frame. After the CER introduction, some well-known models (e.g. TPACK) and theories (e.g. blended learning) that guide the use of technology in teaching are presented.

The main objective of the collection is to support open science by presenting open access articles relevant to the research topic. Through them, life-long learners and CER scholars can become acquainted with technology as a research domain in chemistry education without the payment barriers. Note for CER scholar that these articles can used in building rationales and theoretical frameworks for publications and theses.
Bidragets översatta titelTeknik som forskningsfokus inom kemiutbildning
TidskriftTeknologia kemian opetuksessa – Technology in Chemistry Education
Sidor (från-till)1–6
Antal sidor6
StatusPublicerad - 23 okt. 2020
MoE-publikationstypB1 Artikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift


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