The Enlightenment: Critique, Myth, Utopia. Proceedings of the Symposium Arranged by the Finnish Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies in Helsinki 17-18 October 2008

Charlotta Wolff (Redaktör), Minna Ahokas (Redaktör), Timo Kaitaro (Redaktör)

Forskningsoutput: Bok/rapportAntologi eller special utgåvaVetenskapligPeer review


In this volume, twelve scholars from different disciplines reassess the tradition and reception of the eighteenth-century European Enlightenment. The contributions, written in English and French, pay special attention to less known or relatively neglected aspects of this intellectual movement, revealing features that cannot easily be reduced to the clichés and catchphrases often associated with the Enlightenment. The volume emphasises the historically and geographically versatile heritage of the Enlightenment, examining its intellectual repercussions, the various uses and abuses it has been subjected to, and its complex relationship with more recent movements.
UtgivningsortFrankfurt am Main
FörlagPeter Lang
Antal sidor236
ISBN (tryckt)978-3-631-62091-5
StatusPublicerad - 2011
MoE-publikationstypC2 Redigerade böcker


NamnEuropäische Studien zur Ideen- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte
FörlagPeter Lang


  • 615 Historia och arkeologi
  • 611 Filosofi

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