Comparative genomic information has been used to understand the key transitions of embryophyte
evolution, such as terrestrialization resulting in various innovations driven by genetic changes.
However, how these traits evolved is not yet understood, largely due to a paucity of information
from early divergent groups. In embryophytes, much of the focus has been on understanding
genetic adaptation and molecular evolution of specialized angiosperms. The liverwort Blasia
pusilla, representing one of the basal clades of embryophytes, has been studied to identify the
genetic basis of traits that potentially led to the success of the embryophytes. In the present poster,
we present the first draft assembly of the Blasia pusilla genome, based on single molecule read
sequencing (PACBIO-SMRT). The draft genome has been assembled using 1,781,918 PacBio reads
after filtering contaminating organelle and symbiotic reads from a total of 1,997,826 sequenced
reads. The genome
assembly and comparative assessment of various approaches for assembly will be presented.
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StatusPublicerad - 2018
EvenemangEMBO Plant Evolution: New Shores in Land Plant Evolution - Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal
Varaktighet: 20 jun 201823 jun 2018


WorkshopEMBO Plant Evolution
Förkortad titelEMBO Plant Evo


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