"The GULAG’s Dead Souls”: mortality of the released invalids in the camps, 1930-1955

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Even more than thirty years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the role of the secret police in shaping culture and society in communist USSR has been difficult to study, and defies our complete understanding. In the last decade, the opening of non-Russian KGB archives, notably in Ukraine after 2015, has allowed scholars to explore state security organizations in ways not previously possible. Moving beyond well-known cases of high-profile espionage and repression, this study is the first to showcase research from a wide range of secret police archives in former Soviet republics and the countries of the former Soviet bloc—some of which are rapidly closing or becoming inaccessible once again. Rather than focusing on Soviet leadership, The Secret Police and the Soviet System integrates the secret police into studies of information, technology, economics, art, and ideology. The result is a state-of-the-art portrait of one of the world’s most notorious institutions, the legacies of which are directly relevant for understanding Vladimir Putin’s Russia today.

The study of the history of Soviet terror has received a significant new impetus in recent years. Its driving force was the massive opening of the archives of Soviet state security in Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR. This book presents the impressive results of creating a new history of terror in all its manifestations.

Oleg Khlevniuk, author of Stalin: New Biography of a Dictator
This collection of thirteen essays interrogates interrogators, and is the must-read for understanding not only of the Soviet past of Europe and Eurasia but also of Russia’s post-Soviet present.

Serhii Plokhy, author of The Man with the Poison Gun: A Cold War Spy Story
Titel på värdpublikationThe Secret Police and the Soviet System: New Archival Investigations
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FörlagUniversity of Pittsburgh press
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NamnPitt Series in Russian and East European Studies.Kritika Historical Studies.
FörlagUniversity of Pittsburgh Press


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