The Science of the Racer's Brain

Otto Lappi, Alan Dove

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This book offers an entirely new way to look at the art and science of motorsport – through the lens of fundamental cognitive mechanisms.

The authors take the reader on a tour of the expert driver’s mind and brain. In clear and engaging language, they break down the cognitive processes behind race driving, and analyze the surprisingly sophisticated neural mechanisms that make it possible. Layer by layer, the skills and expertise of the racing driver are revealed: from the organization of track knowledge, through visual strategies, to the smooth motor routines for operating the controls.

Written by a cognitive scientist and a race driver performance analyst, referenced with up-to-date scientific literature, and fully illustrated with 32 figures, this title gives a completely new view into ’what motor racing is all about’.

This is information you will not find anywhere else.
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ISBN (tryckt)978-952-94-5854-7, 978-952-94-5878-3
StatusPublicerad - 14 feb. 2022
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