The TOTEM experiment: total cross-section measurement and soft diffraction at LHC

Kenneth Österberg, TOTEM Collaboration

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    The TOTEM experiment intends to measure the total proton proton cross-section at 14 TeV and the LHC luminosity with a precision of ≤ 5 % in short runs with a special β* = 90 m optics at an early stage of LHC operation. Furthermore, this will allow a measurement of the elastic proton proton scattering cross-section in a |t|-range from 0.04 to 1 GeV2, a study of soft proton proton diffraction with a large diffractive proton acceptance as well as provide precise information on the horizontal distribution of the proton proton interaction vertices.
    TidskriftJournal of Physics : Conference Series
    Sidor (från-till)022037
    Antal sidor3
    StatusPublicerad - 2008
    MoE-publikationstypA4 Artikel i en konferenspublikation
    EvenemangThe 2007 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics - , Storbritannien
    Varaktighet: 1 jan 1800 → …


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