The way of business contracts: How to promote (transport) sustainability and incentivize the green economy via Contract Management

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While striving to meet their business goals, many industry sectors, including the transport sector, also endeavour to achieve sustainability- and green economy-related objectives. Although the imperative for greener trade is acknowledged, the development has been slow. In light of this, could Contract Management be established and expanded as a new methodology to accelerate the process? Yes, indeed it can. Contract Management, seen here as ownership of the business contract lifecycle and as the intra- and inter-company function managing contracts from the inception of a bid until the contract closeout, exercises control over contracts and a company’s contracting activity. Hence, Contract Management is capable of systematically driving the business contract process and transforming contracting practices in the corporate world. Contract Management methodology can also be utilized in a new manner, namely to advance (transport) sustainability, incentivize the green economy and help (transport) companies to progress from solely economically friendly to also environmentally friendly. This chapter explains how and why.
Titel på gästpublikationSustainable and Efficient Transport. Incentives for Promoting a Green Transport Market
RedaktörerEllen Eftestöl-Wilhemsson, Anu Bask, Suvi Sankari
Antal sidor30
UtgivningsortCheltenham, UK. Northampton, MA, USA
FörlagEdward Edgar
Utgivningsdatum30 aug 2019
ISBN (tryckt)978 1 78811 927 6
ISBN (elektroniskt)978 1 78811 928 3
StatusPublicerad - 30 aug 2019
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