Top-10 research priorities for sustainable futures: Insights from and for Finland

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Sustainability in lifestyles is closely connected to the change of every day patterns of individuals and their approach towards food and consumption, mobility and transport, housing, education, health and recreation with strong cross-linkages with communities and interpersonal relationships. Lifestyles also relate to cultural heritage as well as specifics of natural and economic environment. Hence, sustainability in lifestyles is also determined by the surrounding environment, not only personal needs.

This policy brief presents and reviews Top-10 lists of sustainable research priorities for Europe and for Finland. These priorities have been formed in systematic interaction with citizens and experts. In Finland, technology and infrastructure, sustainable business and agriculture are highlighted in the priorities. The brief argues for the interests of the public to be considered in research policy making as this is likely to provide greater variation in arguments for policy making, larger selection of policy options and increased acceptability for the implementation of measures based on research and development.

Förlag¨Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation, CASI
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StatusPublicerad - 7 juni 2016
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