Tortoise or Hare? Quantifying the Effects of Performance on Mobile App Retention

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We contribute by quantifying the effect of network latency and battery consumption on mobile app performance and retention, i.e., user’s decisions to continue or stop using apps. We perform our analysis by fusing two large-scale crowdsensed datasets collected by piggybacking on information captured by mobile apps. We find that app performance has an impact in its retention rate. Our results demonstrate that high energy consumption and high latency decrease the likelihood of retaining an app. Conversely, we show that reducing latency or energy consumption does not guarantee higher likelihood of retention as long as they are within reasonable standards of performance. However, we also demonstrate that what is considered reasonable depends on what users have been accustomed to, with device and network characteristics, and app category playing a role. As our second contribution, we develop a model for predicting retention based on performance metrics. We demonstrate the benefits of our model through empirical benchmarks which show that our model not only predicts retention accurately, but generalizes well across application categories, locations and other factors moderating the effect of performance.
Titel på gästpublikationProceedings of the 2019 World Wide Web Conference (WWW ’19)
RedaktörerLing Liu, Rhyen White
Antal sidor12
FörlagInternational World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-1-4503-6674-8
StatusPublicerad - 2019
MoE-publikationstypA4 Artikel i en konferenspublikation
EvenemangInternational World Wide Web Conference on World Wide Web (WWW 2019) - Hyatt Regency San Francisco Hotel, San Francisco, Förenta Staterna (USA)
Varaktighet: 13 maj 201917 maj 2019
Konferensnummer: 28


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