Water's Journey (Documentary, 52 min)

Forskningsoutput: Icke-textbaserad outputDigitala eller visuella produkterVetenskaplig


WATER'S JOURNEY takes you to the Taita Hills in Kenya, to cool streams percolating from lush mist forests of mountain tops, to forest fires raging on cleared slopes, and to corn drying under the blazing sun in the dry lowland. The film witnesses the eternal cycle of water and the change of seasons in a region confronting the ever increasing effects of climate change. The film is based on the environmental change research done at the Taita Research Station with funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Academy of Finland, but approaches its topic through cinematography and through the daily life of local people. Subtitles in Finnish.
Bidragets titel på inmatningsspråkVeden Matka
StatusPublicerad - 16 nov 2015
MoE-publikationstypI1 Audiovisuellt material


  • 1171 Geovetenskaper
  • 1183 Växtbiologi, mikrobiologi, virologi



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Rikkinen, J. K. (Författare), Laine, T. (Författare), & Pellikka, P. K. E. (Författare). (2015). Water's Journey (Documentary, 52 min). Digitala eller visuella produkter