What do Finnish physiotherapists and physiotherapy students know about the neurophysiology of pain? The Finnish version of the revised Neurophysiology of Pain Questionnaire

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Background: Understanding the concept of pain and its underlying biological mechanisms is an essential part of physiotherapists’ professional knowledge.
Objectives: The first aim of the study was to translate and cross-culturally adapt the revised Neurophysiology of Pain Questionnaire into Finnish (RNPQ-FI) and to evaluate its reliability (internal consistency and test-retest reliability) in a sample of Finnish physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. The second aim was to compare the knowledge of pain neurophysiology between these two groups.
Methods: Translation and cross-cultural adaptation followed the COSMIN Study Design checklist. Participants (202 physiotherapists and 97 physiotherapy students) completed an online survey containing RNPQ-FI. Internal consistency was assessed with Cronbach’s alpha and test-retest reliability using Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC3,1).
Results: Cronbach’s alpha was 0.44 and ICC was 0.70 (p < .001). The mean percentage of correct responses was 61.4% for physiotherapists and 62.1% for students. Forty-seven percent of the physiotherapists and 35.1% of the students reported difficulties in understanding the items. A higher amount of pain education was associated with higher RNPQ-FI scores.
Conclusions: The RNPQ-FI showed low internal consistency and moderate test-retest reliability among Finnish physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. Physiotherapists and students had equal amount of pain neurophysiology knowledge. Pain education is encouraged.
TidskriftPhysiotherapy Theory and Practice
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StatusPublicerad - 9 dec. 2022
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